Want to travel to space? Eunice Olsen can help

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November 3, 2017 – By Yunita Ong The New Paper, Singapore The original post can be found at: http://www.tnp.sg/lifestyle/travel/want-travel-space-olsen-can-help Think space travel and you may conjure up images of intrepid astronauts like Neil Armstrong or sci-fi films like Star Trek. But it is also a dream destination for ordinary citizens around the world, including Singaporeans.… Read more »

The Great American Eclipse

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August 17, 2017 – By Sarah Cruddas The original post can be found at: http://spaceangels.com/post/the-great-american-eclipse Image credit: ABC News On August 21st all eyes across America will be on the skies, for a once in a lifetime astronomical event, a total solar eclipse and the first to cross the US coast to coast in 99… Read more »

NewSpace People – Interview with Space for Humanity

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The original interview can be found at: http://www.newspacepeople.com/updates/newspace-people-interview-with-space-for-humanity What Is the Background of Space for Humanity’s Top Management? Dylan Taylor – Founder Dylan Taylor is a leading angel investor, thought leader, futurist, and founding partner of Space Angels, a global network of commercial aerospace investors and entrepreneurs. As an early-stage investor in more than 40… Read more »

Space for Humanity Welcomes New Executive Director Rebecca Schaeffer

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Non-profit Space for Humanity welcomes humanitarian Rebecca Schaeffer to lead the organization, as it prepares to receive thousands of applications for its first all-expenses paid trip to the edge of space targeted for the end of 2018. As a global leader with diverse experience across business, non-profit, and government sectors, Schaeffer has given voice to… Read more »

Pioneers Selects Sean Swarner as its Astronaut!

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An interview with our nominee for Space For Humanity’s first flight to the edge of space This article was published on Pioneers.io by Richard AsherWriter We have the final nominee for our Pioneers astronaut hunt! Congratulations to American cancer survivor and adventurer Sean Swarner, who has conquered Everest and both poles with one lung. A true… Read more »

Space For Humanity: Democratize Space – Leonard David

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By Leonard David, June 28, 2017 The original article can be found on Leonard’s website: Space for Humanity: Democratize Space Space for Humanity is a just-announced non-profit organization that will select a non-astronaut to travel to the edge of space at the end of 2018. The organization was launched at NewSpace 2017, being held this week… Read more »

Space For Humanity Wants To Send You To Space – Kerry Hebden

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By Kerry Hebden, July 3, 2017 The original article can be found from room.eu.com: Space For Humanity Wants to Send You To Space The recently launched organisation Space for Humanity, has announced that space will one day be for everyone and not just those of a certain privileged background, as it plans to send a non-astronaut… Read more »

Space for Humanity Seeks 10,000 Citizen Astronauts – Debra Werner

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By Debra Werner, June 29, 2017 The original article can be found on spacenews.com: Space for Humanity Seeks 10,000 Citizen Astronauts Space for Humanity seeks 10,000 citizen astronauts  

Smallsats And The Multi-Trillion-Dollar Data Set – Dylan Taylor

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By Dylan Tayler, August 1, 2016 The original article published on spacenews.com can be found here: Smallsats And The Multi-Trillion-Dollar Data Set Much has been said about the revolution in small satellite technology and the copious number of constellations already in orbit or being prepared for launch. Certainly the amount of capital that has flowed into… Read more »

The Next Wave of Space Investors – Dylan Taylor

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By Dylan Taylor, August 19, 2016 The original article posted on Spacenews.com can be found here: The Next Wave of Space Investors Space is once again the industry that everyone loves to love. When I became involved as a NewSpace investor roughly six years ago, the industry was still reeling from false starts earlier in the… Read more »