Our First Birthday

Space for Humanity was founded one year ago today on the principle that space can be transformational for our species. Space is many things: a harsh environment, a technical challenge, an investment opportunity, but most of all, it is a paradigm that has the power to unify. It allows humanity to see itself for what it truly is and what its full potential could perhaps be. Space exploration can bring people together by highlighting the arbitrary nature of boundaries we create–geographic, ideological, and otherwise. As our biggest challenges are planetary in nature, the expanded context that space provides allows us tackle the challenges that now seem intractable. Space is big, it is bold and it is hopeful. But to realize these benefits, we must open up access to everyday citizens and not just a select few. This is the core mission of Space for Humanity.

The first year of Space for Humanity has been remarkable. In addition to attracting applicants for our citizen astronaut program from around the world, we have been featured in publications as diverse as the Harvard Political Review, The Magazine for European Parliament, The Red Bull Bulletin, CNBC, and SpaceNews. Space for Humanity has also been featured in local and national television and on podcasts. The organization has attracted world class strategic advisors, now totaling 20, as well as a core group of six Technical advisors with credentials to rival many national space agencies. We have struck strategic partnerships with organizations around the world including the Overview Institute, Yuri’s Night, UN Space Week, AIAA, and several others. We have been featured with MainStage speaking engagements at the NewSpace conference in San Francisco, Money 20/20 in Singapore, AIAA in Florida, and NewWorlds in Austin. Our social media is one of the most active within the space community and our mission is becoming widely understood by influencers within the global space industry.

Our staff as grown tremendously in our first year, and is led by Executive Director James Orsulak. Rachel Lyons is our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sarah Cruddas our Director of Marketing, Rebecca Schaeffer our Director of Operations, TJ Sherrill our Director of Technology and Ulisses Meneses Ortiz our Director of International Affairs. The team also includes social media manager Lisa Gelston, business development intern Carleton Young, and a number of other dedicated volunteers.

In the next year, we will focus on some important milestones including translating our website into several of the world’s major languages, launching our astronaut training program, the selection of our first crew and the booking (and hopefully flight!) of our first mission to space. Our hope is that we can inspire more people to become part of humanity’s future in space as we create the first class of global citizen astronauts. We believe these ambassadors will be impacted in such a way that they can in turn bring this perspective back to their communities. If you are inspired by our vision to transform humanity through the paradigm of space, please join us. Please reach out and get involved. We would love to have you as part of our crew.