The Overview Institute and Space for Humanity Announce Plans to Support Citizen Astronauts

Date: April 10 2018

Space for Humanity and the Overview Institute have announced a long-term partnership to support an ambitious program aiming to send 10,000 citizen astronauts from around the world into space over the next decade.

To date fewer than 600 humans have traveled to space. But, imagine a world where anyone, from any walk of life, had the opportunity to view the Earth from a space? How would they communicate that experience—widely known as the Overview Effect—and what inspiration would it bring to life on Earth? How would the world benefit from more people experiencing the Overview Effect and seeing our Earth from space?

The Overview Institute and Space for Humanity will collaborate in sharing the most accurate research-based understanding of what it means to journey into space as we seek to further understand the Overview Effect and its profound impact on the human mind and society.

The intention of the Overview Institute is to research and inform the world of the reality, nature, and potential of the Overview Effect: the shift in worldview experienced by astronauts after viewing the earth from space. This awareness has a profound message reinforcing the fragility, beauty, and connectedness of our special planet.

“The missions of our organizations are closely aligned and we are pleased to partner with Space for Humanity to bring the experience of the Overview Effect to thousands of people,” said Frank White, author of The Overview Effect and co-founder of the Overview Institute.

“Worldviews, like paradigms, are seen by philosophers and the scientific community as the mental framework underlying our perspectives, behaviors, and even perceptions. At a time when the world desperately needs changes in these areas, the Overview Effect’s ability to reliably and broadly affect such changes cannot be overvalued,” said David Beaver, cognitive researcher and co-founder of the Overview Institute.

“The Overview Institute has long been recognized as the thought leader regarding how space shifts human perception,” commented Dylan Taylor, Founder of Space for Humanity. “Space for Humanity is proud to partner with the Overview Institute to bring scale to this phenomenon for the first time for the purpose of positively impacting the world.”

Space for Humanity is working to increase the number of people who have experienced the Overview Effect more than a hundredfold by providing all-expenses paid trips with the emerging human-rated space tourism companies. By sharing their experiences before and after they return from space, Space for Humanity astronauts will educate and inspire their communities, countries, and the world.


About The Overview Institute:

The Overview Institute is a group of 21 leaders in the areas of space, cognitive science, and technology devoted to researching and informing the world on the Overview Effect. The Overview Institute promotes and supports widespread experience of the Overview Effect through direct space travel, and newer, more publicly available space art, multi-media and education.

About Space For Humanity:

Space for Humanity is a global non profit organization, founded in 2017, which aims to democratize access to space. Space for Humanity’s commitment is to help thousands of global citizens from all backgrounds experience the Overview Effect, the cognitive shift in awareness which happens when astronauts see our Earth from space.

The crews selected for missions will be both diverse and uniquely qualified to share their experiences with their broader communities and the world. Space for Humanity believes that by expanding and shaping human perspective, the world’s most intractable problems can be better addressed and ultimately solved, leading to a brighter future for all of humanity.

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Space for Humanity, Director of Marketing